Rick Cooks Home Vaina

In 1879, Chile fought a war against Perú and Bolivia in a dispute over mines in what is now northern Chile (and used to be a large chunk of Perú and Bolivia). This is mentioned because it was recorded that during the War of the Pacific, the officers drank a cocktail made from sherry, cognac, and an egg yolk and called it a vaina (scabbard). Today the drink is not only traditional, but remains very popular.

This version adds some chocolate liqueur to the classic recipe.

If the officers drank vainas, what did the troops (rotos) drink? Legend has it that they drank a mixture of pisco and saltpeter. Maybe that's why they won the war.

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2 oz sherry or port
1 oz chocolate liqueur
1 oz cognac or brandy
1 oz sugar syrup or 2 T powdered sugar
1 egg yolk

Shake well with ice in a cocktail shaker and strain into a claret glass. Dust with powdered cinnamon or cocoa.