College Spaghetti

Rick Cooks Home Cristian's College Spaghetti

Not enough credit is given to the dishes that are responsible for the survival of college students living on their own.  This dish kept Cristian alive for two years in Blacksburg.  Its advantage is that it can be prepared in less than half an hour with a minimum of effort, equipment, and ingredients.

Hokie Spaghetti Feed

Cristian's college spaghetti as enjoyed by a trio of Virginia Tech undergrads.   Note that the proper place setting and beverage selection is as important as the preparation of the dish.  The green beverage jacket conserves the temperature of the selected beer, Busch Bavarian, while protecting the table surface (the other cans are empty).  The diners demonstrate the proper way of eating the pasta, which is to ensure the correct amount of sauce is in every bite, and take advantage of the natural gluiness of the pasta to form the perfect bite size.  The dish also proved to be excellent brain food, as two of the three diners actually earned degrees in less than six years.

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College Spaghetti

*Serves 1 bachelor student for 3-4 days (due to its unappetizing nature, it should not be served to anyone but the cook)*

1 lb spaghetti noodles
1 jar of spaghetti sauce (from Kroger's or Safeway)
1 container Kraft Grated "Parmesan"
olive oil
Optional: bread, milk or cheap red wine, lettuce and stuff to make a salad

Boil 5q of salted water with a little oil in a big pot. Throw in noodles.  Leave heat high.  Open jar of spaghetti sauce. Heat in microwave for two minutes. Remove jar from from microwave. Cool burned fingers under cold running water. Find a clean plate. If none available, find a clean cereal bowl. If none available, look for the cleanest plate or bowl in the sink and wipe it off. When spaghetti pot overboils, reduce the heat on the stove. If the noodles start getting mushy, they're almost done, boil for a couple minutes more. Pull clump of noodles out and place in plate or bowl. Cover with sauce from jar. Cover again with "Parmesan" cheese. Eat. Save remaining for dinner or tomorrow's lunch.