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Hawaiian Chocolate Souffle

This recipe was submitted by Lois Shedlowski. She didn't give it a name, so I named it from her description:

Okay, you can thank me later - but this is the absolute best, best dessert on the face of this earth. When we were on Maui, Ed and I went three nights in a row for it and we don’t particularly crave chocolate! The center should be "molten" when finished - it would run out on the plate if you unmolded it and then cut into it. Serve with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Another major plus is that you can keep the batter in the fridge and bake as needed or bake them ahead and re-heat them briefly in the microwave.

Awesome, awesome! And super easy!

At Sur la Table, a gourmet supply house in Seattle and San Francisco, you can buy disposable baking cups made of paper and bake this and serve this right in them. No muffin tins or custard cups needed. 25 cents each and pretty darn cool!

Are you convinced yet?? Note it must chill overnight!

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Maui Moltens

by Lois Shedlowski, Pacific Grove, California
*Serves 4*

6 oz butter
6 oz semisweet chocolate
1 c sugar
c cornstarch
4 whole eggs
4 egg yolks

Melt butter and chocolate together. Set aside.
Combine sugar and cornstarch in bowl. Add butter/chocolate mixture and then stir in eggs and extra yolks. Chill overnight.
Preheat 350°F oven. Scoop chilled mixture into 4 greased 1 x 2 inch round metal molds (I use custard cups and I don't unmold it). Bake for 15 minutes. Unmold if you wish!