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When we lived in Sicily, our neighbors invited us over for a summer supper, where the host prepared involtini alla griglia.  It was simply a flank steak, pounded thin, some ham, basil, cheese, etc. placed on top, rolled up, cut into rolls, and grilled.  In Argentina, they call it enrollado.  Both words mean "rolled up."  It's a great idea:  you pound a flank steak thin, marinate it, and roll it up with some interesting ingredients inside, divide it, and grill it. It's better than a fine steak.

In Sicily, anything rolled up with delicacies inside such as prosciutto, artichokes, pecorino, asparagus, etc. and grilled (ala griglia) or roasted (arrostiti) is called involtini. The meat is usually veal (vitello) but can also be steak or chicken, as long as it is pounded thin. I prefer the flank steak because you can make a large roll-up and slice off 1½-inch segments (tied with a string) for grilling. Classically, you would take small pieces of meat and roll them up individually. More work.

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*Makes 6 to 8*

12 oz. flank steak, pounded thin (1/8" or 2mm)
1 red bell pepper (or one 8oz jar roasted red peppers)
4 oz good quality ham, thinly sliced (or bacon, fried, not crisp) fresh basil leaves
Parmesan cheese, finely grated

2 T olive oil
1 T balsamic vinegar
2 cloves garlic, finely grated
3 T fresh parsely
Fresh ground black pepper

Place flank steak in marinade for two hours or overnight. Roast the red pepper and remove the skin and cut into strips (or open the jar of roasted red pepper, and drain). Layer ham (or bacon), red pepper, basil, and Parmesan on steak. Roll it up. Tie with string spaced 1-1/2" apart (or skewer with small wooden skewers soaked in water, but butcher twine works better). Slice crosswise into rolls between ties (a 12-oz steak will yield 4-5 rolls). Grill over high heat. Serves four.