Rick Cooks Home Humitas

Humitas are steamed Chilean tamales. The humita differs from the Mexican tamal in that it uses fresh (not dried) corn husks, and the filling is the meatless sweet-savory corn filling, completely wrapped and tied in a rectangular bundle with narrow strips of husk.

Once served, the humita is untied and opened to expose the filling. Since the Chilean corn is not very sweet, sugar may be sprinkled over the top (unnecessary with American corn).

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*Makes 8-10*

4-5 c corn filling (made from 6 large ears)
Husks from 6 or more ears of corn

The filling is best prepared a day in advance.
Soften the husks by blanching. Select the widest pieces.
To assemble, lay two wide husk leaves lengthwise, overlapping at least an inch. Place about a half cup of corn filling in the center. Fold in the sides, then the ends of the husks, and tie around the circumference arms with narrow strips of husk (or use twine).
Steam for about 20 minutes. Serve immediately with a bowl of sugar on the table.