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Abbreviations and Conversions

c   cup, or 8 fluid oz or pint (~240 ml)
C celsius
d dash
F fahrenheit
g gram (0.035 oz)
kg   kilogram (~2 lb)
l liter (1000ml or ~4 c)
lb   pound (~450 g)
ml milliliter (~ t)
oz ounce, fluid (~30 ml) or ounce, dry (~30 g)
q quart, fluid (4 c or 2 pints or U.S. gallon or 960ml)
t   teaspoon (1/3 T or or 1/48 c or 5 ml)
T   tablespoon (3 t or oz or 1/16 c or 15 ml), or Talent (Old Palestine ) (60 Minas or 3000 Shekels)
ff   furlongs per fortnight (1/8 miles per 336 hours, a snail's pace)

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